Shocking practices that a tourist may face

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Shocking practices that a tourist may face

Travelling from one place to another is a way to have the sightseeing and also to get interacts with different people. Also you will get to know more about different new things like culture, language, tradition etc of the particular region. It give lots of excitement to the tourist to getting interact with new things, new places etc to know. Travelling gives full immense pleasure to the travelers from travelling place to another place getting new and everlasting experiences. The world is having lots of beautiful things to see that gives peace to the tourists. But at the same time you being a tourist may face the shocking practices that you might never have yet though before. It may give you some bad experiences too.


Here are some shocking practices that tourists can face-

  • Crowded place- Some of the places are filled with the very large number of people and you may find it difficult to walk even a step forward. That makes you to get irritated and getting angry too. This makes you to face lots of inconveniences in the place. It becomes difficult to get out of the crowded place.
  • Seeing the poverty at the place- Each and every region is suffering from the problem of poverty. There are large numbers of people facing the poverty in the life. That makes them to live the unhealthy life. The poor people living the flashy and dirty life having no standard makes the tourist to get shocked fully.
  • Refillable of the water in the bottles- The tourist faces the thirst problem and fetches to get the cool and clean purified water to drink and get relief. The water dispensers gives the water to0 the thirsty person and they get it with ease, but at the same time when the refillable water comes to you to drink, may be full problematic to your health. You may suffer from major health issues.

These are some shocking practices that a tourist may face.



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